Try This YouTube Star's Secret For Clearing Up a Breakout

Cassandra Bankson has almost one million subscribers on YouTube, and it's a no-brainer why: she's relatable, has great tips and tricks, and is stunning to boot. Known for becoming a model despite dealing with cystic acne and for showing women how to embrace themselves in every form, Cassandra has a bevy of great tips that she shares for treating and covering any type of blemish. As our first guest on Style Survival, we wanted to create a DIY that was true to Cass. She ended up delivering a recipe to help battle acne during warmer weather, and let's just say that even though it doesn't look very pretty, it smells delicious. And it works! Most everything in it is natural - papaya, aloe vera, clay, cinnamon, and coconut sugar - so you don't have to worry about anything clogging your pores, either! On Kirbie: Draper James Girl dress
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