New e-cigarettes target pot smokers

CINCINNATI (Jeff Abbell) -- Electronic cigarettes and tobacco vaporizers have become a billion-dollar industry.

At Mystic Vape in Hampden owners credited their e-cigarettes for helping nicotine-users kick the habit. And now a new line of e-cigarettes hit the shelves. Marijuana-users are the target.

When marijuana is loaded into the new devices it takes seconds before it is burned and vaporized. Inside a person smokes a higher THC content pot. It's the strongest pot you can buy. Drug expert, Mike Gimbel, purchased a device, called Pax, on the boardwalk in ocean city.

He was concerned about the escalation of the marijuana industry, "And we're ending up with a super pot and gadgets which you can hide at work and walk down the street and it doesn't create the odor or smoking marijuana. So now you're smoking something stronger and getting higher. What happens when you're driving? What happens when you're at work?"

But back at the Mystic-Vape the demand is great. Especially among cancer patients who, owners say, are discovering the healing power of vaporized pot.

Some of the devices cost as much as $250.

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