Gorgeous Halloween Costumes Using Just 1 Product

Halloween is my favorite holiday for a myriad of reasons: the candy, the costumes, Hocus Pocus, getting the living daylights scared of out me. (What? That's just me?) The biggest complaint about Halloween that most beauty girls have? There are too many costumes to plan. We all know that Halloween isn't just a one-night ordeal. You're probably going to get invited to a few Halloween parties, and costumes will be mandatory. Given a polyester Cinderella gown or a cat's tail can cost you upward of $50, it's time to get acquainted with a few sexy and creepy costumes that aren't only easy on your debit card, but also allow you to dress in chicer attire - like an LBD, leather jacket and miniskirt, or a jumpsuit. Your magic wand for the month will be eyeliner: all kinds! Pencil, pen, gel, liquid - all types of liner can be used to replicate these looks. Time to get in touch with your inner feline, bond with your bones, and tackle your arachnophobia!
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