Common Core Education Summit: The Crux of the New K-12 Standards

Susan H. Fuhrman, Ph.D., President, Teachers College, Columbia University; Founding Director and Chair, Management Committee, Consortium for Policy Research in Education; President, National Academy of Education

Michael Kirst, President, California State Board of Education; Professor Emeritus, Education and Business Administration, Stanford University

Christina Lunde, Teacher, Olive Elementary School, Novato Unified School District; Literacy Coordinator, North Bay International Studies Project, Sonoma State University

Louis Freedberg, Executive Director, EdSource – moderator

As the K-12 new Common Core State Standards are rolled out this school year across California and the nation, American education stands at a crossroads. Will the Common Core serve as a catalyst for better teaching and deeper learning? What challenges have California and other states faced in implementing the Common Core, and what will it take to ensure that the new standards genuinely succeed.
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