A s Fan Sues to Expand Safety Nets Down Foul Lines

An Oakland A’s season ticket holder filed a federal lawsuit against Major League Baseball on Monday, demanding that ballparks vastly extend their safety netting to protect fans from wayward balls and bats.
Gail Payne, who has been attending A’s games since 1968, contends that her seats in Section 211 along the first-base line at the Oakland Coliseum put her and her family at unnecessary risk in the absence of screens between home plate and the outfield foul poles, the suit says.
While baseball stadiums typically have a backstop and nets behind the plate, they generally don’t run the length of the foul lines as the suit calls for. “When you have a pitch that’s thrown at 90 mph and a foul ball coming off the bat at 100 mph, you could have world-class reflexes and a catcher’s mitt in hand, and you still wouldn’t be able to lift that mitt before you were hit in the head with the ball,” said attorney Bob Hilliard, who is representing Payne. “On every level, this is a no-brainer.”

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