ALTHEA the Documentary official trailer

"ALTHEA", a feature documentary, 83 mins, 2015.
Rex Miller, Director/DP/Producer
Executive Producers: John Amos, Billie Jean King, William Ackman

American Masters: Althea premieres nationwide Friday, September 4, 9-10:30 p.m. on PBS (check local listings).

Edited and Produced by Elisabeth Haviland-James, Produced by Nancy Buirski

The 90-minute documentary reveals the highs and lows of this remarkable athlete whose life and achievements transcend sports and have entered the annals of African American history. From her roots as a sharecropper’s daughter in the cotton fields of South Carolina, to her emergence as the unlikely queen of the highly segregated tennis world in the 1950s, her story is a complex tale of race, class and gender.
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