14-foot-long LEGO Vatican St. Peter's Basilica - BrickFair Virginia 2015

Matthew Kay and Joshua Hanlon, from, talk with Rev. Bob Simon about his huge LEGO Vatican.

It measures 14 feet long by 6.5 feet long. Bob doesn't know the exact number of bricks used (probably around 500,000), but he says there are 44,000 cobblestones (gray 1x1 round tiles) in St. Peter's Square. The colonnade on St. Peter's Basilica required 6,000 round 2x2 bricks for the columns.

The build will be on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia from September 19 through February 15 in conjunction with the Pope's visit to the United States.

Bob completed his Masters degree at the University of Notre Dame in 1996.

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